Technical Support

DigiCapture's Technical Support Department is available to ensure that DigiCapture's products operate correctly and provide our customers with an up-to-date system and application software. DigiCapture offers a flexible suite of support services designed to meet the needs of our customers and to provide assistance for effective management of network services to maintain optimal equipment performance.

Email Support
Technical Support requests may be sent to techsupport@digicapture.net

There is a flat fee for upgrading a DVR or NVR System to the latest version software of 1 hour. This includes the download, configuring and training.

Tier 1 Support

All customers who purchase products from DigiCapture are eligible for Tier 1 support. Free Email support is for products purchased from DigiCapture. All Tier 1 correspondence is through email. Response time is 24-48 business hours from receipt of email. Response time is calculated upon receipt of email during business hours. If an email request is generated outside of business hours, response time is calculated from the start of business hours on the following day.

Customers are responsible for reading the user manuals pertinent to the product and situation support is for issues not covered in the user guides and manuals provided with the equipment.

Please Note:
DigiCapture cannot provide support for products not purchased from DigiCapture.

Web Support
Web based support is always available to DigiCapture’s customers through our website. Web support includes access to the following Online Resources:

  • Online User Manuals, Release Notes, User Guides etc.

  • New releases of software and patch files from manufactures specific to their products.

Access to Frequently Asked Questions Knowledge Base

Free Online Video Tutorials

Tier 2 – Subscription/Fee based Technical Support

DigiCapture provides TIER 2 Technical Support for a fee. This is a phone/IT-based troubleshooting and support program. Telephone access to Digicapture Technical Support is available during DigiCapture Business Hours Monday-Friday 9-5 Eastern Standard Time. Response time to telephone requests is within 1 business days of request once a ticket is opened.

DigiCapture Tier 2 technical support services provide DigiCapture subscribers with installation and maintenance support for products purchased from DigiCapture. The DigiCapture support team provides support for security products, network settings, Internet protocols, and product specific configurations to assist customers with setting up, configuring, troubleshooting and maintaining DigiCapture products. Digicapture support team will access your equipment via internet and make repairs and upgrades for the end user.

This is a prepaid program. Regardless of customer’s payment terms with DigiCapture, all Tier 2 support packages must be pre-paid before the time of service. All technical support programs are non refundable. Customers must fill out our Credit Card Authorization Form and Technical Support Agreement, and sign and fax back to 423-468-3826 before starting the Tier 2 Technical Support Program. Tier 2 technical support hours are calculated in 10 minute increments, and do not expire. Refunds are not issued for unused technical support hours. Support hours are non-transferrable.

DigiCapture allows for 30 min of free Tier 2 support for a new DVR system and 45 min free for the NVR mega-pixel system.

Premium Technical Support Programs Prepaid Rate
1-Hour Program • $100 usd
3-Hour Program • $260 usd
5-Hour Program • $400 usd
10-Hour Program • $700 usd