DigiCapture FAQs

Frequently Asked Questons:

Question 1
I am getting "Disk Space Low..." error message.s

"Disk Space Low..." error message indicates that Multicam cannot record onto the designated location due to either low available space on hard drives, unable to read or record onto the hard drives.

Procedure is as shown below:
1. Verify storage hard drive is present under My Computer and it is NOT compressed.
2. Verify storage hard drive's available disk space. If available space is low, delete files on hard drives then run Repair Database Utility.
3. If the error message repeats continuously, record on a different hard drive to see if it is hard drive related issue. Alternatively, reformat the recording hard drive to see if it will resolve the recording error.

Question 2
I am getting "No new entry will be added..." error message.

"No new entry will be added..." error message indicates that Multicam cannot write any more system log entry onto the hard drive due to low available hard drive disk space or invalid record location.
(Please note that system log storage location is not the same as video storage as it is typically stored under C:/.

Procedure is as shown below:
1. Delete or remove certain files from C:/ to free up more disk space.
2. Change the storage location for system logs from C:/ to another partition. It can be changed under Configure, General Settings, System Log Settings, then Set Location.

Question 3

"I am missing video files in Viewlog, what should I do?"

Check under storage directory (default location is under C:/GVxxx) to verify that the video files are still on the hard drive.
If you cannot locate the video files from the storage location above, the video files may already got recycled or deleted. In this case, the files cannot be retrieved.
If you can locate the video files from the storage location above, the video files are still on the hard drive. In this case, you may run Repair Database Utility to allow Viewlog to identify the video files and place them back under the event list.
You may run Repair Database Utility under Windows Start, All Programs, GVxxx, then GeoVision Repair Database Utility.

Question 4
"Which remote viewing software do I need on my mobile phone?"

GeoVision provides mobile applications for the following OS:
Microsoft Smartphone Viewer (MSView) for Windows Mobile smart phone
Microsoft PDA Viewer (GView) for Windows Mobile PDA
Microsoft Symbian Smartphone Viewer (SSView) for Symbian smart phone (i.e. Nokia, Sony Ericsson)
Blackberry Viewer (BBView) for Blackberry
GV-iView for iPhone
GV-AView for Android phone
For a comparison chart of mobile OS system, mobile viewing software version, Multicam software version requirements, as well as setup instructions, please refer to Mobile Phone Application List.

Question 5
"How do I setup remote viewing on Blackberry?"

For Blackberry users, BBView software needs to be synced onto the phone through desktop manager. Then, it may be executed on the device to initiate connection to GeoVision DVR.
Alternatively, you may refer to Mobile Phone Application List for step by step instruction to help you to setup BBView on your Blackberry device.

Question 6
"How do I setup iPhone/iPad for remote viewing?"

GV-iView is required in order to remote view GeoVision DVRs on the iPhone/iPad.
(Please note that GV-iView v2.1 only supports DVR Multicam version v8.32 or newer.)
Refer to iPhone Setup Guide for step-bystep instructions found in the Learning section.

Question 7
"How do I setup GV-AView on Android phone?"


Refer to the GV-Aview Setup In the Learning section.